R V Developers – Tapovana near Hubli, (60kms)

Tapovana as the name itself shows the peace hiding within. This is the mega 27 acres of farm land which includes 15 acres of coconut plantation. RV Developers projected to develop the plots in the middle of coconut plantation, which gives tempting environment to our clients. Tapovana is surrounded by forests and agricultural greenery all around.

One of the main attraction of Tapovana is the water reservoir by just 15 minutes walk able distance. R V Developers projected to lease this reservoir to develop boating and fishing activities to our clients and the tourists. Tapovana is going to be a tourist attraction shortly.

By all the above amenities, envision spending the weekends in your individual house in Tapovana. Inhale clean air and enfold yourself with the wonders of the nature. Enjoy the landscapes and beautiful view of scenery, escape the active traffic and fumes of the city.

RV developers Tapovana is the ideal place to put up your dream home for a weekend getaway, it is easily situated close to the city, similarly you get elated to calm and peaceful setting.

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